Bay Campbell has written and produced many acclaimed records as “Saint Albums” under the indie label Lonely Highway. Their love of music comes from early days listening to They Might Be Giants and college years in a rowdy bluegrass ensemble. They have collaborated with a number of musical luminaries including Tony Award winning artist Anaïs Mitchell (Hadestown), Caleb Elder (Route 7 Ramblers) and Jake Geppert (Bondville Boys).

Laura Molinelli came up as a singer-songwriter during the NYC folk scene of the 90s along with such artists as Dar Williams and Lucy Kaplansky. Never quite at home in this genre, her passion for electronic 80s-era new wave and experimental home studio production was rekindled when she met Campbell in 2012. Even as they continued to play the bluegrass circuit together, Luminous Crush was born and is now their main musical mission.

Christian “Natureman” Heins is a lifelong devoté of low frequencies and syncopated rhythms. His collaborations have been varied and numerous. Joining the Bondville Boys bluegrass band brought him together with Laura and Bay. Invited to work with Luminous Crush, it has become his most joyful musical gift.

Bill Conley

Bill Conley‘s long musical journey started with seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in the mid sixties. Since then, he’s been a lover of all manner of music; pop, jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock, etc. His current passions are pedal steel guitar and dobro and he loves the challenge of finding the just right backing, fills and hooks.